5 Happy Power Metal Tracks For The Middle of the Week

On April 1st, after a month or so of hinting on Facebook, Power Quest finally confirmed that they’re back. After saving my excitement for April 2nd because I’m an untrusting bastard, I stuck on Neverworld and went off to happy metal land (best land).

It’s now the middle of the week and most people need a bit of optimism to carry them to the weekend. With that in mind, here are 5 power metal tracks so full of joy and triumph that you really should be riding a majestic unicorn over a mountain after a glorious victory while listening to them.

5. Power Quest – Forever More

Since we’re celebrating the return of Power Quest, we should start with them. Just listen to the intro, if you’re not smiling by the time it kicks in, you’re not doing it right.

4. Freedom Call – Warriors

This is technically cheating, really we could have just put “entire Freedom Call discography” down as this entire list, but the self-enforced rules say we can’t so have a listen to Warriors.

3. Stratovarius – Freedom

Upbeat keyboard intros seems to the key to tremendous happiness in your song writing, Freedom by Stratovarius follows that rule to the letter.

2. Trick or Treat – Like Donald Duck

From the band that brought you the metalised tale of Watership Down comes a Donald Duck themed song. You already know this will be joy filled… or rage. Donald’s pretty angry after all.

1. Power Quest – Diamond Sky

And finally, more Power Quest. They get two because they’re back together, this is the first song from them I ever heard many years ago. With any luck it will appear on the setlist when they get out on tour.

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(Rainbow Robot Unicorn in featured image not our own work, merely the result of “rainbow unicorn” in Google)


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