Folk Metal Friday: Korpiklaani

Sometime ago we decided Friday should be celebrated with some folk metal. Sometime ago we then entirely forgot about that plan. Today we remember it and celebrate this Friday with the woody glory that is folk metal.

The natural jumping off point is probably Korpiklaani. Over the last decade and some (or couple of decades if we’re counting the iterations of the band prior to Korpiklaani), the band have cemented themselves as one of the leading lights of folk metal. A good deal of that can probably be contributed to writing some of the catchiest drinking songs known to metal, but you can’t forget about the other alcohol free songs.

The last couple of albums in particular have seen the band take a more serious route, but even then they have the good time vibes that propelled them to folky fame. The true joy of Korpiklaani comes from the live shows though. No matter if you’re in a small venue in Glasgow or a big field in Europe, you know you’re going to make an utter tit of yourself dancing around the pit, and you know you’re going to wind up with a brutal hangover if you play the Korpiklaani drinking game (I don’t know if it’s an official game, I just play by drinking everything they sing about.. it was a bad day when they wrote Tequila).

I first discovered Korpiklaani back in 2007 when I saw the video for Wooden Pints. That day was spent looping Wooden Pints over and over again. Everything about it was fantastic, from the upbeat melody to the guy bursting out of the shed playing the violin.

Until this point, my entire folk metal knowledge was a bit of Finntroll. How times have changed, I owe a lot to that four minute Youtube video. I can now return the favour for anyone unfamiliar with the band, though if you’ve read this far you probably know them. Here is a short list of Korpiklaani videos to kick off your weekend in a pissed up Finnish celebration.

5. Wooden Pints

Considering this is the song that started it all for me, it only makes sense to start with it.

4. Vodka

WODKA. If you’ve never been at a festival where they play this, rectify that immediately.

3. Pilli On Pajusta Tehty

For good measure, here’s one from the latest album.

2. Hunting Song

Enjoy trying to get I YA, YA YA YA out of your head.

1. Happy Little Boozer

This list for the weekend couldn’t end any other way…

…Well maybe this way.


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