Live Review: Overkill, Vader & One Machine – Classic Grand, Glasgow 8/4/16

It seems like it was only a few months ago that Overkill made their long overdue debut Scottish gig, yet two years have passed and the band are back in Glasgow. Bringing Vader and One Machine along for the ride, the night was one no self-respecting thrash fan could miss.

It didn’t get off to the smoothest start. The night was set to begin at around 6:15, yet sometime later we were still waiting on note one. Eventually One Machine got stuck into their first song before announcing the old punchline of “thank you, goodnight!” Unfortunately for the band, this turned out not to be the old joke. Technical difficulties of some description saw the band leaving the stage after a single song. It’s hard to review a single song set as you can imagine. While they didn’t get the chance to wow the crowd with their songs, at least only having one tune made their short stay a memorable one. With any luck it might drive the odd punter to Youtube for further research.

With the room now starting to fill up, Vader then began their set. I’ve been waiting to see Vader for years; every time they’ve played I’ve missed them for some reason or another, so there was a lot of pressure on this support slot. I’m happy to say I didn’t leave disappointed. While it would have been excellent to see them for the first time with a full set, this set still saw a couple of favourites thrown in the mix. It also woke the crowd up at last. It felt like the early door time plus the odd atmosphere following One Machine had knocked the energy a bit, but a good couple of beers and a hefty dose of Polish metal saw the pits open and the fun begin.

I’m not sure if they also found their set reduced, it may have just been due to having a good time (time flies and all that) but it felt like they were saying their own “thank you, good night” surprisingly soon. The merch booth was the obvious destination (other than bar) post show to stock up on patches, and by the time I had both, it was time for Overkill.

Opening with Armorist, I immediately lost my beer to the vortex of the pit. If anyone thought this was going to be the final leg of the White Devil Armory tour though, they would be wrong. Armorist is the one song we get from the album (which is a shame because it’s got some excellent tracks on it), instead we get treated to the Horrorscope/Feel the Fire show.

I think it worked out as six or seven tracks from each of the Overkill classics. The second song was Rotten to the Core, the fourth was Hello From the Gutter. When you’re four tracks in and already laying down the classics, you know it’s going to be the kind of set that would give immediate setlist-gasms to the type of the people who sit and bitch about sets on Facebook.

It’s hard to picture a more enthusiastic thrash singer than Bobby Blitz who gives a lesson on frontman-ship to every thrash singer in the room (which, being Glasgow, was probably 70% of the crowd). He manages to coax even the most reserved audience members to shout Fuck You at the top of their lungs as the set came towards its close.

The highlight of the set had to be Coma though. It’s one of my favourite Overkill songs due to the triple kick in on the album version, and I entirely blame it for the agony I’m feeling in my neck even now as I write this sitting stiffly.

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