Rants: Stop Saying Hater, You Sound Like A Moron

This rant is a small one, it isn’t even exclusive to metal but I’ve seen it thrown around so much recently that my rant switch has been flicked.

People using the word “hater.” Fuck off. Especially if you’re an artist, you can double fuck off. If you’re just a person furiously defending your favourite band against some other keyboard champion furiously insulting them then fair enough. Not fair enough really, you seem incapable of making a good argument so you have to resort to using “no come backs” style attacks. Considering the amount of people who look about 14 using the word hater it’s to be expected though.

Bands and musicians on the other hand, that’s where it gets tricky. Now most sensible musicians (and users of social media in general) know not to “feed the troll” and just ignore the insults in the comments section. That or come up with amusing replies which is always a good tactic for the observer.

There’s a certain breed that take a schoolboys cutting “lol you suck” to heart though. They can’t just scroll past, nor can they reply with something witty, they’re deeply wounded after all. No, they have to throw forth the modern day “I’m rubber and you’re glue” line, “hater.”

Now the problem with hater is that it’s used as a get out of jail free card by far too many bands. If you’ve done something to fuck over your fans, if you’ve done something to impact your label or band, if you’ve insulted another band, whatever you’ve done, responding with, “pfft, haters” is such a cop out. It shifts blame away to the accuser who just wants you to be accountable for your actions.

It’s a line that exists to make you immune from criticism, self inflicted or not and it’s the pinnacle of bullshittery. If some group of idiots have decided to send you unwarranted abuse, the block key is there for a reason. “Haters” isn’t going to stop the tide, it’s not going to make the teenager posting “I bet your skid marks are visible outside your jeans” stop and enter a state of personal reflection.

But mainly it’s the immunity that bothers me. It’s a holier than thou way to brush anything you’ve done to the side and come out looking and smelling like roses to your fanbase. Fans who call your new album shit, reviewers who think you put on a bad show, that one guy standing with his arms folded on the front row, they aren’t haters, those are people with genuine criticisms and brushing their words off is chopping off the head without digging up the root. Read the criticism, take it on board, and if it is insulting just to be insulting, be a grown up and tell them to get to fuck. If you must retaliate, do it properly.

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