Sound the Charge! is a website created by an award winning digital journalist who likes to show off by writing about being an award winning digital journalist in about sections

. It’s not a particularly good or informative website, nor is it original, insightful and it’s definitely not a means to pay the bills. However, what it does do is focus on the most glorious of all the music genres with interviews, reviews, features and more things that crop up from time to time. We also have a fairly unique rating system for reviews, people seem to like that.

Based around Glasgow, Scotland, most of our live reviews come from around its damp streets apart from when we get our summer holiday to some festival.

We’re also on youtube, click here to visit.


Reviews – new music releases, live concerts, DVDs, books, merch etc

Interviews – Interviews (surprise!)

Articles – Articles (some things don’t need explaining)

Sun-Signed – A weekly spotlight on unsigned metal from around the world, look out for the banner below. You can email a band you want featured to contact@soundthecharge.com or submissions@soundthecharge.com

Sun Signed

T.O.I Folk Metal Friday – To celebrate the birth of the weekend, we present a weekly shot of folk metal to help you unwind and slip into that party/pillaging spirit.

If you want to contribute anything email us at submissions@soundthecharge.com


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