Why You Should Buy A Ticket For Bloodstock 2016

Bloodstock is easily the best metal festival I’ve been to in the UK. That’s easy to type because it’s the only other full on metal festival I’ve been to in the UK excluding the day long North of the Wall in Glasgow. My other festival jaunts include Download and Sonisphere, and despite the size and pedigree of the bands, they haven’t got a patch on a wee festival around Walton on Trent.

Here are five reasons you should consider buying a ticket this year. Continue reading “Why You Should Buy A Ticket For Bloodstock 2016”


Rants: Why Metal Sub-Genres Matter

There’s a good chance you’ve seen this kind of comment if you’ve been foolish enough to scroll down on Youtube or click on the comments on Facebook. It’s usually posted when the video/posts subject surrounds a certain sub-genre of metal, be it something as simple as good old fashioned power metal through to the combos of blackened death metal and so on. The comment is usually along the lines of “we don’t need sub-genres, it’s all metal maaaaan” and other clichéd bollocks. Perhaps they go on to show off their expansive music taste from jazz through to rap, bemoaning those who don’t like the same amount of music they do, but that’s a different rant. Continue reading “Rants: Why Metal Sub-Genres Matter”

5 Non-Metal Songs That Could Be Metal Songs

These kind of lists crop up all the time so it’s about time one appeared here. This isn’t a list of the most metal non-metal artists though (Robert Johnson selling his soul and dying howling would take that), nor is it a list of songs with deep or heavy subjects. This is a list of songs that would transfer to easily to metal if you played sections/the whole thing as written but with heavier instruments. Continue reading “5 Non-Metal Songs That Could Be Metal Songs”

Rants: Bullshit Moves By Festivals

For my money, festivals are one of the best ways to spend a weekend. If I had more money I would gladly hit as many of the Euro festivals (and beyond) as possible each year, sadly I don’t have that luxury and have to settle for one or two moments of triumph in summer.

However, it isn’t all bands, beer and fun. I mean it mostly is, but there’s always a few issues petty people will take issue with, and as a petty person I have compiled a short list of those annoyances. Continue reading “Rants: Bullshit Moves By Festivals”

5 Happy Power Metal Tracks For The Middle of the Week

On April 1st, after a month or so of hinting on Facebook, Power Quest finally confirmed that they’re back. After saving my excitement for April 2nd because I’m an untrusting bastard, I stuck on Neverworld and went off to happy metal land (best land).

It’s now the middle of the week and most people need a bit of optimism to carry them to the weekend. With that in mind, here are 5 power metal tracks so full of joy and triumph that you really should be riding a majestic unicorn over a mountain after a glorious victory while listening to them. Continue reading “5 Happy Power Metal Tracks For The Middle of the Week”

A love letter to.. Supergroups

Supergroups, the ego fuelled outpourings of musical megalomaniacs. Is there a finer display of utter gluttony in musical form? Unless you count a Malmsteen album, no. A chorus isn’t a chorus until you’ve heard it with at least six singers, a verse isn’t a verse unless the previous verse was performed by a different singer, a song isn’t a song unless it’s at least seven minutes long with a dramatic string section before that final build up to the last chorus. Continue reading “A love letter to.. Supergroups”

Ten Things to Experience at Download Festival 2015

It’s Download weekend and as usual the war between ground splitting sunshine and biblical rain is raging. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been so I had considered going this year, but I thought the line-up was a tad poor and therefore decided to save my t-shirt money for Bloodstock. However, looking at the line-up again I can’t help regret missing at least a few of these bands/moments. With that in mind, it’s list time! Everyone loves a list; it’s like the journalistic equivalent of fast food. Quick, easy and probably bad for you. Continue reading “Ten Things to Experience at Download Festival 2015”