Interview: Bjørn Eide (Glittertind)

BFBWhen some bands say they’re mixing up their sound, they really just mean cutting back on the blast beats. Enter Glittertind, who have come to show the world what changing your sound really means. From folk metal through to a more indie folk sound, the band are almost unrecognisable now. Continue reading “Interview: Bjørn Eide (Glittertind)”


Interview: Morten Veland (Sirenia)

Credit: Tom Knudsen
Credit: Tom Knudsen

It’s been a good few weeks for interviews. In fact, we’ve enjoyed it so much that we don’t want to stop, therefore another name goes on the interview list today. Morten Veland of Sirenia. With Seventh Life Path being recently released, their return to Napalm Records and the bands inclusion in a movie soundtrack,  there was plenty to ask about and Morten was more than obliging with his answers.. if not mysterious in relation to question four! Continue reading “Interview: Morten Veland (Sirenia)”

Interview: Rowan & Lars (Heidevolk)

22285When you conduct an email interview you never know what sort of answers you’re going to get back. Sometimes you get a couple of sentences and have to flesh it out, other times you get huge answers that do my job for me. This is one of those times. My thanks to Rowan Roodbaert and Lars Nachtbraecker of Heidevolk for giving some excellent, in depth answers to the questions below. Continue reading “Interview: Rowan & Lars (Heidevolk)”

Interview: Chris Barnes (Six Feet Under)

Skype, it’s a wonderful tool but sometimes it can betray you on whim. Thankfully it fixed itself so we could interview one of the genuine legends of death metal, Chris Barnes. Vocalist for Six Feet Under and former vocalist for Cannibal Corpse, Barnes has risen to the top tiers of the death metal world and took the time to speak to us on a rainy Tuesday evening (or for an American, a probably quite pleasant afternoon. Bloody time differences). This was quite a cool interview for me personally as it was the original Corpse albums plus the Graveyard Classics album from Six Feet Under that really got me into death metal in the first place. Continue reading “Interview: Chris Barnes (Six Feet Under)”

Metal, Bath and Body: An interview with the creator of Bath Sabbath, Virginia Giordano

Does the promise of a beard oil worthy of Odin himself entice you, does the thought of using soap shaped like Mjölnir make you want to bin your boring “bars” of soap, does the thought of thirteen different scents, all themed around the most glorious of metal songs, make you want to waste your Lynx as a homemade flamethrower (Note: Please don’t do this)? If the answer is yes, and it obviously is, read on.

il_570xN.601652740_pzhy Continue reading “Metal, Bath and Body: An interview with the creator of Bath Sabbath, Virginia Giordano”

Interview: Petri Lindroos (Ensiferum)

It’s no secret that we love folk metal around these here parts, especially if there’s a bit of death metal and songs about battles thrown into the mix. With that in mind, it’s probably obvious that we like Ensiferum. The band have just released their sixth studio album, One Man Army, and early reviews are overwhelmingly positive (including our own). Frontman Petri Lindroos took the time to sit and answer some of our questions about the album and the band.


Continue reading “Interview: Petri Lindroos (Ensiferum)”

Interview: Jill Janus (Huntress)

Huntress are a band that seemed to just appear on the scene with video and album at the ready. With a female vocalist boasting a four octave range, some meaty heavy metal riffs and some impressive support slots around the world, they have quickly made a name for themselves. We got a chance to speak with Jill Janus in Glasgow to discuss the bands growth, the occult, her vocals and more. Continue reading “Interview: Jill Janus (Huntress)”

Interview: Dan Cleary – Striker

Canada is awesome. If you need proof behind this statement, I’ll back up my claims with “Jeff Waters.” More proof you say? Have Striker.


Formed in Edmonton in 2008, the band have enjoyed a steady rise in popularity over the last few years, even managing to put in a few punches above their weight class in a special support slot. With the band about to release their third studio album, City of Gold, we took the chance to speak with lead singer, Dan Cleary. Continue reading “Interview: Dan Cleary – Striker”