Sun-Signed #12: Algos

Usual Sun-Signed intro, welcome to our weekly look at the best unsigned bands the metal world has to offer (or the best out of what band/PR companies contacted us and made our lives easier). This week is the turn of a one man band from the Netherlands, Algos. If you like your death metal mixed with elements of doom, prog and every genre under the sun, this is for you. 


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Sun-Signed #6: Wilderun

For those of you new to Sun-Signed, we post about unsigned metal bands on a Sunday, usually reviewing an album and talking briefly about the band. This week is Wilderun from the US.

As a side note, one of the main problems with the Sun-Signed format is that it’s restricted to a Sunday because of a silly pun based name. This of course leads to trouble if we can’t post on a Sunday, therefore we may start cheating and allow a post on a Saturday or a Monday… it’s probably Sunday somewhere in the world after all, good old time zones. So if you have been in contact about getting reviewed, you’ll be up shortly.

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Sun-Signed #2: Comaniac

Sun Signed

Welcome to Sun-signed, a Sunday based salute to the unsigned metal bands of the world! This week we focus on Comaniac, a four piece thrash band from Switzerland (I know it’s Monday and this thing is meant to be on a Sunday, but with the hard drive’s death everything is running out of time.). Our thanks go to frontman Jonas Schmid for sitting down and answering some of our questions for this piece. Continue reading “Sun-Signed #2: Comaniac”

Sun-Signed #1: Bacchus Baracus

Sun Signed

Welcome to the first Sun-Signed, a weekly spotlight on a Sunday on unsigned or unknown metal and rock from around the world. A bit of clarification before the angry e-mails come in, unsigned may not always be strictly true, a band on a small indie label will still get a mention. Sun-Signed is catchier than “Bands Not Signed To Metal Blade/Nuclear Blast/Napalm Records/EMI Or Any Major” though, so it stays!

You can email a band you want featured to or, or you can comment below.

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