Album Review: Amon Amarth – Jomsviking

The Easter bunny has been, but this year he’s delivered an Amon Amarth album instead of eggs, and instead of a bearded chap nailed to some wood, we’ve got a giant bearded Viking wielding a bloody axe. It’s a good Easter. Jomsviking is the latest offering from Amon Amarth, and their first foray into concept albums has gone very well. Continue reading “Album Review: Amon Amarth – Jomsviking”


Album Review: Anvil – Anvil is Anvil

For a band who were once on the brink of total obscurity, album sixteen is a landmark that has to be saluted. Continuing the album name tradition that started way back with Hard ‘n’ Heavy, Anvil is Anvil is a testament to commitment and sheer stubbornness. Continue reading “Album Review: Anvil – Anvil is Anvil”

Album Review: The Dread Crew of Oddwood – Lawful Evil

On the face of it, The Dread Crew of Oddwood is a band I really should know. After listening to their new album, Lawful Evil, I’m now on a quest to hear the rest. They check all the boxes, piracy, questiness, lyrics that don’t take themselves anywhere close to seriously, and metal. Actually the last one’s a lie, this came billed as acoustic pirate metal, and they are self professed Heavy Mahogany musicians. It’s ridiculous, and that’s how we like our music. I was going to save this for later in the week, but an episode or two of Black Sails has given me a thirst for piratical shanties.   Continue reading “Album Review: The Dread Crew of Oddwood – Lawful Evil”

Album Review: Dakesis – The New Dawn

A word of advice for any band out there looking to get music reviewed; take a leaf out of the book of Dakesis. I have a long list of things to review and articles to write, yet Dakesis jumped straight to the top by offering the choice of a range of (imaginary) rewards for completion of a quest (review). I mean it’s not quite the same as the days when bands would send cocaine packaged with their record, but the promise of option 3, Staff of Spaaaaace, (+ 13/11 understanding of alternative time signatures, equipping immediately grants the user a waist length beard) still had me rearranging my priorities. Silly sells, or at least around here it does. Now on with the review (prepare my space staff, Dakesis). Continue reading “Album Review: Dakesis – The New Dawn”

Album Review: Artillery – Penalty By Perception

artillery2016.jpg.pngThere are some bands who struggle to pick up where they left off after reuniting, they slowly fade away or produce disappointment after disappointment until it’s all over. Then you have Artillery who clearly decided to live up to their name and came out all guns blazing when they reunited for the second time in 2007. Penalty by Perception has an energy that many of their peers will envy and certainly doesn’t show any signs of a band phoning it in. Continue reading “Album Review: Artillery – Penalty By Perception”

A love letter to.. Supergroups

Supergroups, the ego fuelled outpourings of musical megalomaniacs. Is there a finer display of utter gluttony in musical form? Unless you count a Malmsteen album, no. A chorus isn’t a chorus until you’ve heard it with at least six singers, a verse isn’t a verse unless the previous verse was performed by a different singer, a song isn’t a song unless it’s at least seven minutes long with a dramatic string section before that final build up to the last chorus. Continue reading “A love letter to.. Supergroups”

Live Review: Avantasia – 02 Forum, London 8/3/16

I’ve probably typed the following a hundred times, if not more. Best gig ever. Now usually I type that when I’m gig drunk, so high on the energy and joy from a show that I think it’s the best thing that’s ever happened, then after a few days it dies down. This time I truly mean it, Avantasia’s show in London is the single greatest show I’ve witnessed, and by god have I seen some good shows before. This is going to be a longish review I should say, no support band means no dividing the word count. Plus it’s digital, who gives any amount of a damn about word count! Continue reading “Live Review: Avantasia – 02 Forum, London 8/3/16”

Live Review: Alestorm & Sabaton – Barrowland, Glasgow 3/3/16

This was always going to be a sloppy, sloppy night. Alestorm in Glasgow alone is normally call for a piss up, but with Sabaton in tow you knew the pints would flow. It’s not the first time this has happened. In 2010 both bands visited Glasgow as part of the World War Tour/Trenches and Mead tour, I was on the barrier for that one and therefore looked forward to being in the middle of the action for this one. Continue reading “Live Review: Alestorm & Sabaton – Barrowland, Glasgow 3/3/16”